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Raw Honey

Raw Honey

Excluding Sales Tax

Pure raw honey.  Our honey is never processed and our beekeeping practices are all-natural.  After removing the beeswax cappings from each frame, we hand spin our frames removing the honey from the frame without destroying the honey comb in the process.  This allows us to return the frames to the original hive so that the bees can quickly return to making honey for the next harvest.  This process continues throughout each summer.  As the fall approaches, we leave plenty of raw honey in the hives for the bees to survive over the winter so that we can begin the cycle again in early spring. 

SPECIAL EVENT FAVORS: please allow 2 weeks for custom orders

    Natural Raw Seasonal Honey

    Harvested from as early as June and as late as September

    Although honey will never "go bad" it is recommended that raw, unprocessed honey be consumed within a year.

    ***Children 12 months and younger should not consume raw honey.

    Please note that honey is sold by weight.

    1.5 oz favor jars

    9 oz

    21 oz

    custom sizes/jars for favors available

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